• CLUSTERO – Romanian Cluster Association
    The purpose of the association is to promote, revival and economic development of Romania by supporting the creation, development and cooperation between clusters at regional, national and international level. iTech Transilvania by ARIES Transilvania joined the association in 2014.
  • Cluster Collaboration
    It is a networking platform for European clusters (organizations and members) in order to improve their competitiveness and growth by stimulating trans-national and international cooperation.
    “The Balkan Cluster Network” was founded in November 2012 by the association of over 25 organizations and cluster support institutions. The main objectives of the network are:

    • Contribute to the strategic planning of the development of clusters in the Balkans;
    • To contribute to the intelligent development in the Balkans;
    • Provide support for public-private dialogue in the development of clusters in the Balkan countries;
    • Clusters interconnections (C2C), promotion and internationalization of clusters in the Balkans.