Starting as a small software company in 2006 and continuing like a Swiss-Romanian enterprise, HyperMedia kept focus on rich internet applications, video collaboration tools, multimedia interactive systems, cloud computing, IoT, big data, mobile development and web platforms.

In terms of cloud computing, we propose HyperTalk framework, as well as a comprehensive and cost-effective video collaboration solution – HyperTalk.Net – adopted by business entities and public institutions, in order to improve the productivity, increase sales, enhance the healthcare services, support knowledge building in education and training, or open the local and governmental sector. It points out all key features and services to run customized video meeting, webinar and training/learning sessions at high quality, in a user-friendly manner, with minimum costs. It properly works on any device and operating system, does not requires downloads and installations, no registration, just use of any web browser. It supports customers with whole range of cloud services: Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service.



By contract type:

  • software services
  • consulting services
  • video collaboration / web conferencing services

By technical category: 

  • Web platforms and enterprise systems
  • IoT ecosystems
  • Mobile applications
  • Cloud computing systems

By application area:

  • Telecommunications: media streaming and broadcasting, video collaboration, web conferencing, mobile multimedia
  • Education and training: learning management systems, interactive content creation and delivery, virtual classroom, virtual laboratory and its application to programming and robotics, immersive technologies (VR & AR), serious games
  • Business: marketing and sales, HR, career development included, cloud services.
  • Healthcare: online consultation, real-time diagnosis, patient’s recovery and remote monitoring, virtual collaboration for physicians or specialists
  • Parking: on-street, off-street, smart parking systems
  • Refueling: petrol station management, payment gateway, smart mobile solutions



Programming languages and frameworks: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS/Sass, TypeScript, ActionScript, Java, C/C++, C#, PHP, Python, Bash/Shell, Objective C, Swift, Android SDK, React, Angular, Bootstrap, Kendo, Node.js, Zend framework, Laravel, WebRTC, Nubomedia, Java Spring, .Net framework.

Platforms: Windows Server, Mac OS, Linux/Unix, iOS, Android, Windows

Database management systems: MySql, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis

Environment and development tools: XenServer, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Kibana, GoCD, GitLab, Ansible, Kurento Media Server, Wowza Media Server, DataLoader, JetBrains, Selenium, Jmeter, Rest Assured, Elastic Search

Sectors of applicability

  • Health
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Smart ecosystem
  • Audiovisual & Media


Applications and Technologies

  • Operating Systems
  • Big Data
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Cloud and Virtualization
  • Industry 4.0
  • Information Systems
  • IoT
  • Mobile Devices



  • Hectronic GmbH, Germany
  • Colegiul Pro, Romania
  • Goldprest, Romania
  • Arobs Transilvania Software, Romania


Name of Company  HyperMedia SRL
Year of establishment  2006
CEO  Eng. Sanda Porumb, PhD
Address  40Campului, Cluj-Napoca
County  Cluj
Phone  +40 371 398 899
Fax  +40 371 398 899