Novitas 3D City SRL Romania holds the exclusivity for the iNovitas Gmbh Switzerland’s products and technology on the Romanian, Eastern Europe and Gulf countries’ market. This technology was patented globally, our partners being the winners of the prestigious Swiss Economic awards 2015.

Our technology offers a 3D image of a high resolution, geo-reference, which comprises the full road corridor, directly on the computer or tablet/phone.

Infra3DCity allows the administration to draft the planning of the projects, mobility issues, preoccupations linked to the road safety in your city from the working place. The exact image of the street space, accessible in any moment through the Web infra3D application offers you the full information about the street objects, markings, signaling, lighting systems, the state of the road’s surface and other information, the limits of the propriety (street frame), gas networks, electricity, telecommunications, cartography and inventory data.

With the help of the additional sensor (laser scanner) you can evaluate the state of the road by collecting infra3D data.

You obtain extended information about the buildings and facades due to the panoramic high-resolution image. You can measure the distance, areas, heights, widths, building facades. The collected or monitored geodata can be changed through interfaces such as GML, DXF, KML, GeoJSON or ESRI Shape Files.

Until now, our product was implemented in 16 countries, in the most important capitals and cities such as Berlin , Wien, Gothenburg , Zurich, Lahti, Basel, Zagreb, Bern a and many others. In Romania, the city of Targu-Mures was the first who benefited from our technology.

To conclude, with a single click you can extract all the data of the processed surfaces from your city from office or from any other place where you find yourself, from the mobile phone or tablet. Following the feasibility studies which lay at the basis of the collaboration with our partners, the conclusion was that the usage of our technology saves with 80% the financial effort.