The goal of Transilvania Living Lab is to empower the users of its services (citizens of the region, private companies, clusters, universities, research institutes, public administration) and integrate them into the innovation process, motivating them to participate, putting the right tools in place to enable a bottom-up dialogue, and translating ideas into sustainable commercial products or services. The host organization of Transilvania Living Lab works with a huge range of stakeholders, within a public-private-people partnership, trying to provide solutions and cooperation in areas such as ITC, eHealth, eGovernment, education, space, climate change, Earth Observation, social innovation, smart cities and regions, etc. Regarding the strategic direction, the living lab will focus on the co-creation of innovation through a need-driven approach. In addition, we will undertake several initiatives to support local business ecosystem to speed up the innovation process from the idea to product or service launch. Our objective is to activate in the regional area, also to highlight, and to develop its existing innovative potential in order to fulfill the needs of its growing environment.

One of Transilvania LL’s strategic directions is democratizing innovation. In order to become a tool for creating a fairer society, innovation needs to step down from the pedestal and become available (at a low social entry cost) to all social classes. Innovation is not the privilege of the few, it is something we all do as natural as we breathe. Therefore, Transilvania LL commits to act, through workshops, educational programmes, public speeches and debates to popularize innovation – in line with recent European trends of creating an Innovative Society.